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Damar Resin

Damar resin is the key to encaustic paint. It raises the melting point of the mixture and gives a clarity and hardness to the wax.

It comes in beautiful crystals which melt at approximately

200 degrees F.

It is tapped from a family of deciduous trees native to India and East Asia.

Refined Beeswax

The beeswax used in encaustic medium is refined to remove any impurities and can be used either bleached or unbleached depending on the required look of the wax.

(unbleached wax has a more yellow colour).

Depending on the artists' preferences, there are varying ratios which can be used. The more damar resin used the harder the resulting surface will be. Too much however will make the paint brittle and prone to chipping and cracking. I favour a 6:1 ratio (6 parts wax to 1 part resin).

The resin/wax mixture is heated slowly on a hotplate to the desired melting point before being poured into moulds to set.