Making Art with Fire!

Encaustic is a very ancient art form dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians - over 3000 years ago...

The primary ingredients of encaustic are refined beeswax and a tree resin called damar. The damar resin elevates the melting temperature and hardens the beeswax so that the resulting paint is more durable than the wax would be alone.

The combination of these two ingredients is what makes up encaustic medium and it is this that forms the base of encaustic paint.

The "paint" can be left in its natural state or coloured by adding natural pigments.

The encaustic paint must be kept in a liquid form to be useable and, instead of a traditional paintbrush, a blowtorch is used to manipulate the paint.


Each layer of wax mixture must be bonded to the previous one by melting with the blowtorch. The individual layers must be allowed to cool and harden before applying the next to ensure adhesion and a smooth surface.


In this way, layer upon layer of encaustic medium is slowly built up to make a painting...



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