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Yet again, the wax must be melted on a hotplate until it is liquid before being applied to a rigid but absorbent surface such as a wooden board. Canvas is not suitable for encaustic due to the flexibility, which will cause the wax to move, crack and flake off. Encaustic can also be used on unglazed ceramic to good effect.

Once your painting is finished and the wax has solidified - you're still not done!

Depending on the size of the artwork, encaustic can take up to 12 months to fully cure. In this time you will find the colours change slightly - some will recede and some will come to the surface and be more intense. The piece may also acquire a white bloom as the wax cures. This can be gently rubbed away with your hand, a soft cloth, or even a pair of ladies tights! Once completely matured the wax can be polished to a beautiful shine, the colours will not fade and the wax is impervious to damp.