I am a self taught artist, born and bred in a little seaside town on the Firth of Forth to the East of the lovely Capital City of Edinburgh in Scotland.

I work from my little she shed at the bottom of the garden!

I love colour and abstraction - so colourful abstract flowers, landscapes and seascapes are my thing (although I've recently developed a love affair with painting fish and a bit of an obsession with the moon...!)

I like to explore the boundaries of both encaustic medium and alcohol ink. Both are unpredictable and surprising and a tad volatile! Alcohol ink in particular is a fragile medium and prone to fading and for this reason I have my originals printed onto various other substrates to ensure longevity as I cannot be absolutely sure how long the image will last on the wax base. All is forgiven though as the ink moves so beautifully on the wax!


I hope that my work will inspire others to appreciate that even if two things appear incompatible on the surface, they can still make beautiful things together - which may or may not last (deep thinking...)  

I would love my paintings to convey some of the sense of curiosity and excitement I get when creating them and perhaps pique your imagination or spark a creative process within you yourself as you explore the abstract elements of my work.

There's a hidden creative in all of us, you just have to let it out!