I am a self taught encaustic artist, born and bred in a little seaside town on the Firth of Forth to the East of the lovely Capital City of Edinburgh in Scotland.

I work from my little she shed at the bottom of the garden and am lucky enough to be endlessly inspired by my daily dog walks with our gorgeous Border Collie, Gracie.

I love colour and abstraction and I also love my garden - so colourful abstract flowers are my thing!

I like to explore the boundaries of both encaustic medium and alcohol ink. Both are unpredictable and surprising and I hope that my work will inspire others to take a different view of the plants and flowers around them and imagine how the landscape might look in their imagination. 

I would love my paintings to convey some of the sense of curiosity and excitement I get when creating them and perhaps pique your imagination or spark a creative process within you yourself as you explore the abstract elements of my work.

There's a hidden creative in all of us!